Partner Hand Symmetrical Frame Drum Method

Teaching Method Videos

The Partner Hand Symmetrical Frame Drum Method is a pioneering approach to Middle Eastern hand drumming, rooted in tradition and the instinctive pulse of walking. Thanks to Cooperman's hand-crafted artistry and Remo's cutting-edge technology, Rowan Storm's ergonomic frame drum designs are distinguished by their shallow frame height. For the first time, both hands are free to participate equally in creative expression. Fine-tuning the balanced cooperation between both hands leads to more deeply rooted authority with all drumming.

Middle Eastern drumming is based on asymmetrical playing positions and three primary strokes. The dominant hand leads, while the non-dominant hand is limited to a supporting role. Rowan's instructional videos with her Thinline Frame Drum by Remo introduce a step-by-step pathway to a radical new playing approach, engaging the non-dominant hand and the production of the Fourth Stroke. Therefore unlimited new rhythmic phrasing becomes available, with enhanced facility not only with frame drumming, but all Middle Eastern hand drumming. Mastering an even, consistent single stroke roll builds the solid foundation for freedom and improvisation, since it arises from our physiology of walking.

As both hands and both brain hemispheres become balanced partners in rhythmic expression, the rational is harmonized with the intuitive, and startling new sources of creativity are unleashed, with profound benefit for our daily lives.


Rowan Storm introduces her Symmetrical Method with her Thinline Frame Drum by Remo, her most recent ergonomic, shallow-depth frame drum design. With basic information about the two families of Middle Eastern hand drums and the limitations of their traditional, asymmetrical playing styles, Rowan shows how her Symmetrical Method offers a radical departure. Engaging the non-dominant hand challenges our habitual approach, offering profound benefits not only for hand drumming, but also for everyday life.

Lesson One

Tek & Ka Treble Strokes
The Nature of Three

In Lesson One, you will learn to play the basic treble strokes with Rowan's Thinline Frame Drum by Remo. As we call the non-dominant hand into action and equalize the quality and volume of both strokes, we claim a profound sense of balance which empowers all drumming practice as well as daily life.


Lesson Two

Dum Gyn Bass Strokes
The Nature of Five

In Lesson Two, you will learn to play bass strokes with both the dominant and non-dominant hand, and to combine them together with the treble strokes in a balanced compound rhythm of Five. While traditional Middle Eastern drumming is based on three strokes, for the first time we have four basic strokes, made possible with the short frame height of Rowan's Thinline Frame Drum by Remo.


Lesson Three

Universal Eight
The Walking Hands

In Lesson Three, you will learn to combine the four strokes from the first two lessons in a universal rhythmic pattern of eight beats. Leading first with the dominant hand, we then give the leading creative role to the non-dominant hand. As we strive to equalize both hands, we gain access to a whole new world of drumming, as well as balance for our daily lives.